Postcards and travel go together and we want to inspire the tradition to continue.  Kabine designs include photographs taken on our travels or from little scenes created in the studio.

Stationery  unique items from places such as Japan and Germany to compliment your pencils, letter writing and journaling. 

Vintage Pencils and Colored Pencils Using beautiful tools makes experiences more enjoyable.

Kabine Pencils designed by Two Girls and a Trailer.  Made in USA.

Blackwing Pencils and Journals - one of the few shops to offer this luxury pencil in eastern Missouri.  A favorite of John Steinbeck, E.B. White, St. Louis Symphony and other artists, writers and composers.  

Typewriters made for travel and ready for you to type what inspires you.


T-shirts custom designed by Two Girls and a Trailer.  Printed locally in STL.


Custom soy travel candles, scents "Blissful Dreaming" and "Faraway Travels", designed by The Kabine.  Made locally in STL. 

Dog + Bone collars and leashes made for adventure.  Handmade in Austin, TX.

Lisa Colby Metalsmith,  hand selected pieces from her "Rivet", "Pebble" and "Wax Seal" collection of rings, earrings and necklaces.   Handmade in Asheville, NC


Margoth Moreno Painter and Metalsmith  The Kabine is honored to bring you Margoth's collection of five originial paintings from her series on feathers.  Originally her silver work included feathers and then one day "out of the blue" she started painting feathers.  She doesn't look at books or real feathers, she is in the moment.   Titles include "Under Water", "Hanging" and "Together".   Handmade in Highland Park, IL

Coming soon Margoth's silver jewelry with precious stones and beads.

Found items, vintage finds that will make travel and everyday life more fun.

Books   The Kabine offers a small collection of books that follow the Two Girls and a Trailer's motto of finding inspiration in travel, relationships, music, laughter and tenacity.


Do Good


We strive to give back to our community in positive ways, even when not on the road.  


Currently we support

Getway Pet Gaurdians by giving them a portion of sales from Pit Bull The Battle over an American Icon by Bronwen Dickey and as a participating artist in Soiree for Strays

Donation of the book Pit Bull The Battle over an American Icon to dog rescue group's fundraisers.

Local NPR Stations by giving a portion of sales from And the Pursuit of Happiness by Maira Kalman

KDHX Community Radio by giving a portion of sales from Pretty Paper by Willie Nelson with David Ritz

Some of our vendors that Do Good

Blackwing sales benefit music and arts in schools

Dog + Bone supports groups, such as, Stand Up for Pits Foundation and promotes rescue adoption and fostering.

A Shop.  Goods for your next adventure.